Top Five Painting Companies in Greensboro, NC

It’s time to pick a painting company, whether it be due to mildew destroying your paint job on the exterior of your house, or if you feel like changing things up a bit in your bedroom. Whatever the purpose is, one question still stands: what is the best company to hire? In order to answer that question, we have researched massive amounts of companies, and picked out the five best ones for you to accurately make your choice based on what is important to you. We also included the quality of the websites for these companies, since we believe that a company’s website is also a direct reflection of how well the company is doing, since a contractor with a high amount of orders can afford high-quality designers to make sure their website looks good. 

1. VPS Paint  

V.P.S. Paint! Whilst they have no online booking system, the website still remains fairly-well-done. They have a broad spectrum of specialization, ranging from painting walls to stucco repair. Despite such a diversity in services, the quality is perhaps the highest in Greensboro NC. They also have a blog with helpful tips, in case you want to paint things yourself, which shows that VPS Paint is truly about helping people, rather than simply existing for profit. The response times have been reported as very fast. 

2. Wright Paint
The Company was established in 1999, and they are a Industrial paint company and commercial paint contractors. They're on Time every time and does a high-quality job on every project. The price might be a little higher then others, but the work and professionalism is definitely worth every cent! The website is pretty clean and they have a online booking system. I think they need to start doing residential to add to the list.
3. MBM Enterprises 
MBM Enterprises has a very dated website. The company was established in 1994, and it really seems like the website was never updated since. The company has very limited range of specialization: they paint walls and remove algae and mildew. The website lacks an online reservation option, and requires you to print a coupon to get a 10% discount for visiting their website. MBM lacks bundles, which means that the mildew removal is separate from everything else. Whilst not necessarily a bummer, it would still be nice to get a small discount for getting a full range of services that they offer. The response times are, reportedly, slow, but the job is not done too badly. 
4.  EmeraldPro Painting 

EmeraldPro Painting has a fairly limited scope of specialization. In fact, all they do is paint. Arguably, this means a better quality of work, since the company can focus solely on one aspect of their business. However, along with only one specialization, there is also a limited selection of paints, so you might not necessarily get exactly what you want. They are also the more expensive company out there, and the website is fairly dated. However, it is the only company on this list to offer some kind of online reservation option: you can get a quota. It is, however, well-optimized. The quality has been reported as “worth the price,” but that is quite unfortunately subjective. 
5.  NC Paint Contractors 
NC Paint Contractors does not have an online booking system, and the response times are quite slow also. They did not specify whether they have warranty for their work, despite the website being perhaps the single best for design on this list. It is modern, responsive, easy to navigate, and has interesting scrolling effects. They also have a fairly broad spectrum of things they do, and a massive selection of not only colors but also types of paints that they offer you. The job quality has been reported as “good.” 
Hopefully this list has helped you land on a painting company that satisfies all of your needs. Please do note that this list has been created without any bias, in order to ensure the quality of our selection.

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  • Gary

    Gary Greensboro, NC

    EmeraldPro do a pretty good job.

    EmeraldPro do a pretty good job.

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