Painting Your Roof: Tips and Ideas

If you want to add some value to your home or you are simply looking to refresh the look of your home, then a fresh layer of paint will do the trick. You can call a professional to this job for you or you can do it yourself. If you are doing it yourself, you should keep in mind that the decent preparations should be made, right equipment needs to obtain and the correct safety measurements should be taken. 


All surfaces need to be cleaned before smacking on a layer of fresh paint, the same goes for roofs. Scrubbing of the moss or lichen from the roof should be done with the right chemicals. Cleaning the roof with a pressure washer would be the quickest way, but a water hose and broomstick would work as well. Corrugated roofs can be washed with a degreaser preparation. 

Shingled roofs should be replaced if they are broken or cracked. When buying paint, you should have enough for two coatings of paint. When choosing a color, keep in mind that dark colors absorb heat and lighter colors will reflect sun rays. If you are doing the painting yourself and you need the job done quick then you can always hire a spray paint airbrush instead of using a hand brush only. 

Color choosing 

For cement tiled and shingle roofs, water based paints would be best, but if you are collecting rainwater from your roof, be sure to ask which type is suitable for drinking water. If you are using water-based paint for an iron roof then make sure that the rust is properly treated, the best option for an iron roof is and oil based paint, because it will keep the rust away and they are appropriate for rainwater collection as well. Some paints are heat-resistant, making them a good choice for dark color roofs. 

When choosing the paint color for your roof, you can stay safe by choosing a similar color to the brick of the house. If you wish to tone down the exterior of the house or if the home color is multiple colors, then opt for a simple single color. Bold, rich roof colors can help a dull house stand out by adding some charm and character. 


The material your roof is made of will lead the way it gets painted. 

Even though a brush can be used to paint a roof, the best way would be to go with an airless spray gun. If you have a corrugated roof but no airbrush, not to worry because you can buy rollers that are shaped like corrugated iron. Either way, you will need a brush for painting the corner and ridge caps. If a tile roof has lost its color then a thick coating of sealer should be used, followed by a water based paint. When you are dealing with a metal roof then you can find paint specially designed for metal roofs to ensure sustainability. 

Choose a day with no rain forecast and try to start the job early in order to avoid too much sun that will dry the paint far too quick. When it is windy then an airbrush might not be a good idea, otherwise, paint might land on other objects around the house. Make safety your number one priority by wearing stable shoes or boots, safety goggle, a helmet and if possible get someone to help you or hold the ladder when needed. 

A good way to paint is to paint small part at one time starting from the top part of the roof to down and then going back up for another small section. Make sure you finish at the point where you are able to get off the roof to avoid walking over wet paint. 

Your roof does not have to look the same as your neighbors. Express yourself and brighten up your home by painting your roof what you think looks good, but keep in mind that if you are planning to sell the house in the near future that natural is best as home buyers might not have the same taste like you. 

Matt is a home improvement and construction writer working for Choice Solutions Roofing and Exteriors.

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