How to paint like a professional

How to Paint Like a Pro 
Whether you’re looking to refresh the color in a room or you’re trying out a new look, adding a fresh coat of paint is the way to go. Deciding to paint and even picking the perfect color is easy, but how exactly do you paint properly? Below are a few steps to follow to ensure that your next painting project is a cinch. 
The first step to painting has nothing to do with painting at all. Before you apply the paint, it is absolutely crucial to wash the surface first to remove any dirt. 
Surface Preparation 
The next step is to make sure that your painting surface is ready by scraping any previous paint, sanding rough areas, covering baseboards, sockets, outlets, switches and so on. 
With the first two steps completed, you can now move on to the main event: painting. Prime the painting surface first, then apply the paint evenly. 
Now that the painting is done, you can remove the coverings, paint tape and clean up any paint chips as well as clean your material. Proper care of the tools you use will ensure that they last a long time. 
You’ve taken the time to properly paint, but don’t be off in a hurry- admire and inspect your work, making sure everything has been done properly. 

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