How to paint a bathroom like a professional

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Everybody tries to pay attention to every detail of their house, during building or renovations, because they want their house to be as perfect as possible. If you have been employed to paint the bathroom in a house or any other building, it is very vital that you deliver a professional result. You will end up with a satisfied client, who will be glad to call you for future painting jobs and who will be willing to refer friends to you. Here are some tips to follow if you want to paint a bathroom like a professional. 


You should choose the right color that will work well with the space. You might have to discuss with the owner of the house the color he or she prefers. You could also observe or ask for the colors, the other parts of the house will be painted (if the other parts of house are yet to be painted), so you can choose a color that will match with other colors in the house. Eggshell color is often perfect for most bathrooms. Since water is regularly used in bathrooms, you should use a paint type that repels water, such as the oil paint. This is to help reduce the quantity of water that is absorbed by the wall, as this could weaken the walls. 

Clean as you paint 

You should make effort to clean as you paint. Painting could easily become messy, due to splashes of paint, paint touching some objects in the bathroom, or somebody mistakenly kicking the paint bucket. The longer the paint stains remain, the more difficult it will be to clean them, as they get dry. Cleaning up as you proceed will help you deliver a neater job and make it less stressful cleaning after you are through. 

Proper use of brush 

There will always be part of the bathroom where your paint roller will not be able to access. This is mostly because of the access space been too small. For these areas, the use of painting brush is your best bet. The brush are also better used for painting parts of the wall very close to the ceiling and part of the wall very close to the ground. This will reduce the quantity of paint stain you will have on the ceiling or ground, or even eliminate such paint stains completely. 
Proper use of the roller 
When you are using the roller, do not overload it with paint. Ensure you have a uniform paint on the roller to get perfect results and avoid lumps while painting. You should also paint quickly to avoid a scenario where you peel off part of the paint that is already getting dry, while you are still painting. You should first give a light paint coating, and then finish off with a second paint coat. 


It is very important that you paint professionally, so that you can keep old customers and attract new ones. Some tips to painting a bathroom like a professional include choosing the right color, cleaning as you paint as well as using the brush and paint correctly.

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