5 building types that require artistic painting

Artistic Painting

If there is a profession that is not referred to artistry, but also involves a lot of artistic tendencies, it is painting. Both professions work with paint, even though while artists paint on canvas, painters paint on wall. In the current world, however, it is very important that painters have artistic skills and that artists also have the ability to paint on walls. One of the best paintings that were ever done was the painting on Sistine Chapelís ceiling from 1508 to 1512. There are a lot of buildings today that require artists or painters with artistic skills. Five of such buildings are discussed below. 


A school is a building where students are taught to read and write amongst other training and activities. The school building that requires artistic paintings the most are pre-nursery, nursery and element schools. They usually want some drawings on their outside fence. The drawings could be those of popular cartoons that kids will love. In some cases, they also request for artistic painting on the walls of the school building as well as inside the classes. Only good artists or good painters with artistic skills will be able to do a good job with such buildings. VPS Paint Company (http://www.vpspaint.com/painters-in-greensboro-nc) for example, have painted a lot of schools that required some sort of drawing in the past. 

Art Gallery Buildings 

Most art gallery buildings often want to display art as much as possible in their environment. To achieve this, they either call a good painter or an artist to help them paint the art gallery. There are instances where you have to suggest the type of artistic work that will be perfect for the wall. Even when a plain single color is been used, you might be required to choose the best plain color, that will bring out the best in the artistic works that are to be hung on the wall. Only an artist or a painter with good artistic skills will be able to do this. 


Religion has been a very strong influence on artistry since the very early years. Artists had to paint pictures of gods and even sculpt their images. As mentioned earlier, one of the best work of Michael Angelo and even best artistic work ever, was a series of painting on the ceiling of the Sistine chapel, depicting different biblical events. In the present time, there are still churches that require painters that can carry out high quality artistic paintings on their walls. 

Personal Accommodations 

There are individuals who love art works a lot, or who just want their building to be unique and spectacular. To achieve this, they prefer having good art works painted on their buildings or inside their house. 
Corporate Organizations 
A lot of organizations also require some work of art on their building. In this case, they could work the name of their organization to be stylishly written on the wall as well as their logo.  


There is a lot of advantages for artists who know how to paint on walls and painters that are good artists. It is easier for them to get more jobs and recommendations with these skills. Furthermore, they will earn more as they will charge higher for artistic paintings than for just normal paintings. 


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