Our services include

Interior & Exterior Painting
A fresh coat of paint is one the easiest and least expensive investments you can make on your property. A new coat of paint raises your property value, updates its appearance, and makes your home or work space more inviting.
But how do you find a quality painting company that can deliver the results you need at a price you can afford?
You need to find a painting professional that will give a fresh look to your home that will suit your lifestyle, your timeframe, and your budget. Whether you are trying to make your home more liveable or if you want to raise the value to sell, a professional painting contractor can make your home more attractive and liveable, both inside and out.
Our experienced team at VPS Paint will listen to your requirements and do the work for you. Our extensive database enables us to seek out the most reputable painting service for your particular needs at a cost you can afford. We will match your project with the most skilled professional in your area and work by your side to ensure the job is completed to your satisfaction.

Commercial Painting Contractors
Your business is your most important asset. You need a professional you can trust to provide quality workmanship.
A commercial painting service can help you choose colors and wall coverings that will enhance your business message and branding with materials that are suitable to your work environment. Not all business equipment or staff can be moved easily. Your painting company will be experienced in working around a business like yours while it operates, avoiding costly down time.  They will do their best not to disrupt your business or to distract your employees or customers. They will be able to provide evidence of insurance and warranties to protect you from unforeseen costs.  Your commercial painting service should care as much about the end result of your project as you care about your business.
The consultants at VPS Paint can help you to find a commercial painting contractor with a proven track record and professional service. Find the professional you need to keep your business operating smoothing while helping it to put its best face forward. 

Drywall & Stucco Repair
At VPS Paint, we’re more than just paint. Have a hole in the wall or crumbling stucco? Call us to get connected to the best in the business at fixing your problem and getting your home or office back into perfect running condition.
A professional drywall installer needs to have the skills to eliminate imperfections before the painter can go to work. Drywall needs to be perfectly fitted and immaculately taped and sealed before being coated and sanded. In drywall, there is no room for error. The slightest imperfection will be magnified when the paint is applied.  An inadequate drywall job can effectively ruin your overall décor, no matter how skilled your painter may be. You need a drywall expert that will finish your drywall to a smooth, high standard.
Problems with stucco not only look shabby but can lead to moisture damage in your building. A stucco professional is up to date with the latest technology in stucco repair and refinishing, giving you a durable surface with the classic look you love.
Call the experts at VPS Paint. We’ll help you to find the quality people you need to complete your job to the high standard you require.

Exterior & Interior Wood Staining 
Wood stain? Not a problem! Wood staining requires unique skills, whether you have a new, unstained staircase or old kitchen cabinet that need a fresh look. You need someone with the expertise to match your wood project with the right stain, and the skill to make your wood staining smooth, even and natural looking.
Call VPS Paint. We can help you to find an expert in refinishing your fence, floor or panelling to a glowing natural wood polish. 

Roof Coating
There are few things more inconvenient than a leaking roof. Problems in your property’s roof can lead to property water damage, health risks, and safety issues. When it comes to your home or business’ roof, you can’t afford to make mistakes.
A properly installed roof coating can fix leaks and extend the life of most kinds of roofing material. It has been estimated that roof coating can extend the serviceable life of a roof by up to 25 years. A professional in roof coating can work around the problems of sloping roof shapes and water puddles.
VPS Paint can help you to find a qualified contractor in roof coating. Call us to discuss your roof problems, and we’ll connect you to a professional with the know-how to fix them.

Paint Color Consultation 
Have you ever pondered for hours, trying to choose the right paint color? You pore over swatches, buy test pots and make your selection. As soon as the color goes on the wall, you know you have made the wrong call. The color does not suit the mood of the room, looks too bright or too sallow or just looks “wrong”.
Paint stores provide an exciting array of color choices. Navigating those choices can be tricky. A color consultation can help you to achieve the mood or effect you want for you living and work spaces.  A professional color consultant will help you to choose the right colors to work with your own design to enhance your room’s natural features and lighting. Color can be selected to work with existing carpeting or furnishings to give the space a fresh new look. Your color consultant’s expertise can help you to manage the subtle nuances of color variations, helping you to create color harmonies that will make your room or building come alive. The color consultant’s knowledge will help you to make informed decisions on brands and varieties of paint.
We can help you avoid making frustrating and expensive mistakes on your color choices. Ask us about VPS Paint’s Color Consultation service today.